Somalia Assumes Full Control Over Somaliland Airspace, Revenue Without a Fight‏

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Somalia announces that it had surpassed the last hurdle to complete control of the Somali airspace, including that of Somaliland.

Capt. Rodol is more than a year late to arrive in Nairobi to do anything there.

The Somalia minister for Aviation, Mr Mohamed Abdullahi Oomaar, disclosed on his Facebook page that his ministry has signed agreements to transfer complete management of Somali airspace to Federal Somalia with ICAO and IATA, the former having been responsible for its management and control for over 28 years.

The handover of the airspace includes the transfer of staff who were manning the operations under ICAO as well as all the revenue realized of airspace use and overflights which was previously managed by the international agencies.

According to Minister Oomaar the whole set up will fall under their management and dispensation as from the 30th of July 2019.

'Alhamdulilah (Thanks to Allah)," he wrote, "we have, today, successfully signed agreements with ICAO and IATA to transfer the airspace with the staff and all revenues to us The agreement will be effective from 30th July,' said the minister on his official Facebook pageش

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